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Corporate Overview


Interactive Computer Modeling, Inc. (ICOM) is a software development company located in Knoxville, TN.  It is solely dedicated to providing information management and decision processing software that targets all areas of the pipeline transportation industry.  Since its founding in 1984, ICOM has built a portfolio of clients that includes over 50 companies, spanning across seven countries and four continents.

ICOM provides economical and effective software products as well as customized software development services that support the requirements of pipeline schedulers, operation planners, coordinators, dispatchers, accountants, and logistics personnel. These software products and customized software applications contain automated solutions for assisting a user with pipeline scheduling, trading and routing of product, nomination accumulation and coordination, nomination forecasting, hydraulic analysis, controller operations, automated invoice generation, monthly accounting closeouts, and ticketing.  ICOMís success with the development of these types of software applications has enabled its clients to establish automated links to other large-scale corporate enterprise systems.  The result is a reduction of pipeline operation costs and improved information distribution.

ICOM has invested a great amount of time, revenue, and resources to develop its pipeline scheduling software.  Pipeline scheduling is not ICOM's only area of expertise, but it is one of its strongest.  As a result of this specialization and experience, ICOMís pipeline scheduling programs are considered some of the best and most affordable solutions on the market.

Development of sophisticated Expert System Processors is another one of ICOMís technical strongholds.  Many of its software applications contain complex processors that were designed in cooperation with its clients.  These processors allow a user to define a hierarchy of problem solving techniques and forecast the impact of applying these techniques to a specific situation for user analysis.

In addition to providing many standard software products, ICOM provides a wide range of software development services that address many complex issues related to the pipeline transportation industry.  These include but are not limited to: project conceptualization, project planning, project cost analysis, specification design, customized software development, system integration, data management, information publication, technical documentation, user training, and long-term technical support.