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Software Development


Early in its corporate history, all of the software development projects that ICOM undertook were customized for a specific client.  This allowed ICOM to build a strong reputation as an organization that can take a complex manual process and automate it into a coherent and organized software system.  While today ICOM maintains a suite of standard software products that target pipeline scheduling and information distribution, it still provides services related to the development of customized software and database applications.

ICOM prides itself as an organization that can successfully turn ideas into reality.  Our level of expertise in commercial software and database development techniques, as well as the operational procedures within the pipeline industry is well founded. This combination of knowledge and experience is rarely found in today's industry and, as a result, has allowed us the honor of leading the development of mission-critical software applications, both domestically and internationally.  ICOM has been involved with many different types of customized software development projects that address a variety of subjects, including:



ICOMís software development skills turn ideas into reality.



Pipeline Scheduling and Inventory Forecasting.

Gathering Facility Scheduling with Automated Tank Selection Processing.

Monthly Nomination Accumulation and Forecasting.

Ticketing, Invoice, and Accounting.

Flow Rate Optimization.

Energy Cost Optimization.

Information Gathering and Distribution.

Corporate Data Connectivity and Information Integration.

Automated Information Distribution.