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PSP:  Pipeline Schematic Profiler TM


ICOM created the Pipeline Schematic ProfilerTM (PSP) software in order to provide the scheduler with a powerful visual aid.  It helps analyze batch movement scenarios within a pipeline scheduling forecast.  With complex pipeline networks, it is sometimes difficult to visualize the future scheduling movements of batches and the synchronization of highly active pipeline junctions.  This is true when multiple origin locations are active and are displacing batches at the same time.  In some cases, these origins are displacing batches simultaneously in multiple directions.   For example, upstream full-cut deliveries often cause the temporary shutdown of downstream pipeline segments and delivery sites.  This allows another origin to come online and utilize these available pipeline segments and delivery sites.  Other complex scheduling scenarios involve the synchronization of batch movements across shared pipeline junctions and the utilization of pipeline segments that allow for bidirectional flow. 

The PSP provides the scheduler with a color-coded animated aerial view of a pipeline network, depicting the linefill batch composition at each simulation event within a scheduling plan.  The PSP allows the user to step through this color-coded animation of the batches using a series of graphical buttons.


Pipeline Schematic Profiler with the Batch Information Dialog activated

The following explains some of the features associated with the Pipeline Schematic ProfilerTM.

The PSP contains a toolbox of graphical objects that can be placed on a full screen canvas to customize a schematic view of the pipeline. These graphical objects include horizontal lines, vertical lines, text boxes, area frames, vertical pipeline segments, and horizontal pipeline segments.

This program also contains individual graphical object property.  These dialogs allow for the entry of the configuration characteristics of each graphical schematic object that is placed on a pipeline schematic display screen.

Utilizing the results for ICOM’s scheduling software, a scheduler can step through a simulation and view a color-coded representation of the linefill composition of the batches in the pipeline.  As the user steps through a scheduling simulation, the batches move through the pipeline in an animated fashion.

The PSP is capable of allowing the scheduler to select a color-coded batch and launch a secondary pop-up dialog that provides additional information about the selected batch.

When stepping through scheduling simulation results, the borders of the pipeline segments are color-coded.  This enables the user to quickly determine which origin location is driving active downstream deliveries.

There are graphical “smart” buttons that can be configured to automatically launch the pump, delivery, and inventory forecasts for a specific location and/or inventory account (tank).