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Software Design


ICOM provides professional services that encompass a wide variety of subjects associated with leading large and small-scale software design teams.  These services relate to all aspects of conceptualization, verification, documentation, and presentation of a software application design.  In most cases, this process involves the development of a System Design Specification (SDS) document.  While the presentation formats and information presented within these SDS documents vary from project to project, the following provides some idea of the types of deliverables ICOM is challenged with providing within these documents.



ICOM provides a full array of software design services and promotes the advantages of establishing a well thought out design prior to system development.


The creation of new ideas and software designs that meet a clientís specific technical requirements.


Descriptions of all of the user interaction objectives associated with each software component to be delivered within a proposed system.


The development of all user interaction screens (dialogs), including a mock-up of the proposed system.


Programming flow chart diagrams.


Detailed documentation that describes the software and the database design.


Information related to all application software, computer hardware, and special personnel skills required for the project.


Descriptions of all client acceptance, on-site integration, and user-training procedures.


Documentation related to how the proposed project will meet specific financial and calendar deadlines.


Formal presentation of all the concepts associated with the projectís design.


Once a systemís design is completed and accepted, ICOM is able to provide its clients with the services needed to fully develop, manage, and integrate the software.  While ICOM provides a variety of standard software products, it is well within our capability to provide services that target customized software and database development.