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Software Products

ICOM provides a series of standard software products that are designed to assist pipeline scheduling and operations personnel with complex forecasting calculations and information publication requirements. These applications were created as a result of years of field work, and interacting with many different pipeline companies over a wide variety of projects. ICOM has drawn from these experiences to create "Pipeline Applications StudioTM (PAS)," which includes the following applications:





Pipeline Applications

Studio TM


Liquid Pipeline

Scheduling System TM


Pipeline Schematic

Profiler TM


Report Generation

System TM


Data Table

Profiler TM






All of the software products listed are distributed as generic solutions to assist pipeline scheduling, inventory forecasting, and operations personnel.  However, ICOM does customize these standard products in order to meet the specific needs of its clients.


ICOM distributes its software using a corporate licensing strategy. Therefore, clients are free to use ICOM's software on as many computers and by as many users as needed. In addition, there are no licensing limitations associated with the number of different pipeline configurations that a client can deploy with ICOM's software. ICOM's corporate licensing strategy is highly beneficial in that it virtually eliminates the bureaucracy and red tape associated with large-scale corporate software projects and computer networks.